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Tbilisi Rental Properties provides leasing and property management services to the owners of residential property throughout the Tbilisi area.We also specialize in matching people with a great rental property!

Tbilisi Rental Properties rental management has excelled as an Tbilisi based property management company. We have provided positive experiences to landlords, owners, and tenants with strong work ethic and local knowledge to assist you.

In summary, Tbilisi Rental Properties offers excellent service! But don’t take our word for it—check our references to see for yourself what others say about Tbilisi Rental Properties .



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With years of experience in the property management industry and responsible for the oversight management of owners outside of the country.


Leaders in Rental Properties

Because we make our home right here in the Tbilisi, we naturally know how to provide for your property rental requirements.


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Attention to detail and complete management style provide clients with a distinct advantage in the care of their property